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When Creatine Acts as Double Agent

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Creatine has a bad reputation.

For some reason people think that creatine is and can only be one thing: a bodybuilding supplement.

People have been using and studying creatine for athletes and bodybuilders for decades, which is why the supplement has come to take that role. However, it is a limiting role that isn’t necessarily right or healthy for people who want to improve their lives as a whole. Why? Creatine has plenty of advantages and there are ways you might have never expected. In fact, creatine actually is a double agent…

Creatine and Your Brain

Ever consider what creatine could do for your brain? Here is a hint: it’s the same thing it does for your body!

Creatine works by providing more energy and providing a lot more endurance so you can work on your project, business, or whatever for longer. This means that you can have a party, get only a few hours of sleep, and while you aren’t going to be at your best shape, you’ll be better off with creatine. When it comes to getting something that is going to be useful for you in the long run, it is also good to look at a product like the Enhanced Creatine Formula from Hyperion Strength.

Why is this creatine special? It is made with fenugreek as a substitute for sugar so that there is no need to get all of this glucose into your system and cause you ill-health effects. No matter what the case may be, it is a good idea to consider studies before you take creatine.

So what do the studies show? First, you will find that the studies show improved neurological protection that you can utilize for yourself in old age. This is a huge benefit for people who are struggling to get enough creatine into their system through their diet alone. A lot of elderly individuals do not eat a lot of meat (and definitely not 2.5 pounds!)

Of course, for people who just want better memory and learning capabilities, this is an advantage of creatine as well. For many people, it is possible to struggle with these types of things and not ever find a solution. Creatine is the best known solution from a research perspective even though something like piracetam might help as well!

This is going to be the best supplement that you can take to get both physical and mental advantages. You will quickly find that it is something you may have hoped for but did not really have any real way of achieving without the right kind of product.


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Best Creatine to Take for Cognitive Advantages

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There are plenty of supplements on the market today, but numerous people believe that the best way to begin is through the use of tried and tested products. For example, creatine monohydrate has been tested for decades and has been shown to be an effective supplement to improve mental and physical performance. This is due to the molecule’s mode of action, which helps to improve the cell function of nearly every cell in the body. Whether it is your triceps or hippocampus, creatine can help! The best creatine to take for cognitive advantages is one that works for you in the long term. This article will help you to figure out what that might mean.

Separating Good from Bad

The supplement industry is unfortunately filled with a lot of hype and this could not be more true than in the creatine market. The best creatine on the market is usually filled with a few features:

Creatine type – As mentioned before, monohydrate is the way to go. Why? It’s been the type that scientists have used to study over the past few decades. Most people do not realize that there are so many different types of creatine, but supplement companies will try to hype “nitrate“, “pyruvate” etc. as better options that help with absorption etc. The reality is that none of them have been proven and all of them are far more expensive.

Creatine dosage – There is plenty of convenience in taking capsules over a powder, but what happens when the capsules don’t give you the proper dosage? Given that most people benefit from a minimum of 5 grams creatine monohydrate, it is a good idea to look at the nutrition label for your favorite supplement. You might find that the creatine dosage of capsules requires you to take 8 – 10 pills! Often this is too expensive so it is better to just find a micronized creatine product that dissolves easily in water.

Simple ingredients – If you see the ingredient deck for a creatine product that has many different ingredients you can’t pronounce, it probably is not a good idea to purchase. The majority of products just try to put as many different ingredients as possible in order to claim the benefits and hype the product. The reality is that most are not going to be helpful and some of the stimulants may actually be hurting you. It is best to look for something that is natural, such as the Enhanced Creatine Formula, which consists of only fenugreek, taurine, and creatine.

best creatine to take

Best Creatine to Take for Longevity

No matter what you choose, it is important to consider that creatine only really works when your muscles and brain cells are saturated with the molecule. If you find that you over-do it and your body can’t handle creatine after a few months or years due to the unnatural ingredients, you are going to lose your edge. The reality is that creatine must be a supplement you sustain over longer periods in order to benefit from taking. Indeed, this is not hard if you find a sustainable and high quality product.

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Two Easy Ways to Stay Fit

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Even if you are in great shape, it would be a practical idea to spend some time regularly on general fitness. The reason is that being in great shape does not translate into being healthy and fit. You need to stay healthy as well as fit especially if you spend your days mostly sitting for work. And if you are not in shape, you should prioritize working out all the more considering that obesity is presently one of the biggest causes of deaths around the world. Resorting to dieting to lose weight would not help since it would only get you further from being fit. Hence even if you lose weight it would not be in a healthy way instead by working out along with eating proper, you can do both i.e. lose weight and stay fit too.


There are a lot of ways to stay fit generally. If you do not have any particular problems, you can workout in any way you wish to just make sure that you get up and out of your chair to get into some kind of activity. If you have problems like joint pains or back ache, you should consult a professional before staring any workout regime. After consulting with a professional you can choose amongst the option of workouts available to you but make sure you do the workout under the guidance of an expert trainer. If you do not have any problems you can workout in any which way you like. Some of the ways by which you can workout without actually exercising are given below: with these workouts you do not have to invest any money or any time either.


Walking – walking is the easiest and possibly the most common exercise. It is no wonder that in ancient times when people had no other means of transport than to walk from one place to another, they were super fit and led a healthy long life. Instead of taking the car to the local market, just walk or walk to your friend’s home and back. Start by walking a little and slowly increasing the distance. You can also jog or run instead of walking, if you want to. But either way you would benefit in two ways. You would not only stay fit but you would also get to spend some quality time with a great person, yourself.


Climbing stairs – this is another exercise that does not require joining any gym or spending any extra time either but is more effective than a lot of machine workouts. All you would need to do is take the stairs instead of the elevators when you go up to your office or your apartment. You can start by climbing a single floor and increase gradually. You would surely notice the difference within a month or two. It is important to climb the stairs at speed, not at such speed which can result in a fall but not completely slowly either. You would not only lose weight but would also stay fit.


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About the author: John Dziak is a licensed insurance broker and fitness enthusiast operating in Albuquerque, NM. John’s personal practice and experience working with personal trainers and gymnasiums gives him a diverse background on the topic of exercise.


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Why is Aniracetam So Popular

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A nootropic medicine is all that is needed to reset the brain and allow it to function in full swing. When a medicinal drug like aniracetam is used, the brain activates as the necessary energy is imparted and it increases the sensitivity of neurotransmitters like glutamate, dopamine, and serotonin and allows the correct functioning of the brain. Thus, this racetam has found a powerful demand in the market as it also available over the counter.

Reasons of popularity


The aniracetam medication has found a place in the drug stack of many households due to its multifold benefits. Since these increase the cognitive functions by improving the brain receptors, they are good enough for the mood uplifting of a person by increasing the serotonin levels. Normally, 750 mg dosages of this drug can be taken 2 to 3 times a day. The synergistic ratio of this drug with the useful choline can be suggested only by the doctors as sometimes over dosage can be very harmful and decrease the serotonin levels in the brain in the long run. The side effects of this drug like headache, nausea, etc. are very rare and less harsh and further can be reduced to a great extent with the help of choline. This drug has found to be more popular over other prescribed drugs as it is very affordable too. It is advisable to take the pills after heavy meals as it is a fat soluble drug and also absorbs rather faster into the blood compared to other drugs in this league. Also, it has the potential of increasing blood circulation to the brain, especially for the patients of hypertension where the blood vessels lose their abilities to supply blood sufficiently to the brain causing brain dysfunctioning and in extreme cases even strokes and hemorrhage.

Become alert and eloquent

The people facing problems in speaking and communication are withdrawn socially and impair their professional progress. They can get out of this predicament with the help of this drug. The reviews have also suggested that the people who have used this drug have found their concentration levels improving to a great extent and also their anxiety levels alleviated to a great extent over time. This has ampakine properties; hence the people have found that alertness has also made them less forgetful and enabled them to counter diseases like Alzheimer’s especially among adults. It has been able to showcase a long success story with a number of people getting connected with this fad of using this drug of immense benefits. The overall benefit is that the overall personality of the person is developed, the way he talks, the clarity of mind, the relaxed posture and the active mind with the help of this superb drug. The visual enhancement is also a benefit witnessed by a few customers. Hence, the demand and the popularity are obvious.

The drug with such fast results on the concentration, energy and cognitive abilities is definitely a choice for the smarter lot who has experienced awesome benefits out of this.

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How Important is Dose for Nootropics Like Creatine?

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Searching for nootropics is a multi-step process that requires adequate research in numerous departments. Not only must you research the smart drug itself and see whether it might be right for you, but it is necessary to also consider the side effects, the studies of efficacy, and the dosage. Most people who research supplements view side effects to protect themselves and hope to find out whether a product works or not. However, most forget to look at the dosage to make sure they get scientifically-backed effects through their supplementation.

Dosing Creatine as a Nootropic

One of the nootropic compounds that is particularly tricky to dose is creatine monohydrate. It requires special attention because it can be done in multiple ways and each have their advantages.

Loading Phase – Using a loading phase with creatine supplements can help you to saturate the muscles and cells with creatine for about a week. It requires a dose of around 20 grams per day for 5 – 7 days. Then you can start seeing major effects. The only drawback to the loading phase is that some people react poorly to 20 grams of creatine and have stomach cramps and other problems.

Normal Dosing – The normal dosage for creatine is 5 grams per day, which means it will take 1-2 weeks before it can take full effect. Still, you do not have some of the problems with high dosages that might come with a loading phase.

You will see benefits from using creatine either way, but depending on how you want to treat your body, it makes sense to approach supplementation with caution. It may be best to use a loading phase or normal dosing depending on the situation.

creatine monohydrate

Dosing for Other Nootropics

Many other nootropic compounds do not have the same strange properties of creatine monohydrate. If you are starting with piracetam, for example, there is a set range of doses that you should begin with and then an upper limit on what is recommended. For something like piracetam, the recommended dose is 1600mg x 3 per day. Some might find this 4.8 g too high, but at least having an understanding can make a huge difference in supplementation.

Some people think that a compound itself gives the nootropic power. However, someone who believes the science of piracetam and only takes 500 mg is not going to see nearly any benefit when compared to someone taking 10 times that dosage as directed by the experts and scientific community.

On the flip side, dosing for something strong like noopept is only 10 mg three times per day. For someone that thinks more is better, taking up to 100 – 200 mg or even 1 g of noopept might get sick and have health problems. Taking too little is not useful, but taking too much is obviously dangerous.

Luckily, many of the racetams are safe at high doses, but that does not mean it is a good idea to take any kind of supplement without first thinking about the dosage.

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Why Aniracetam Has Become Popular

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Would you like to enhance the ability of your brain simply by taking a pill? With Aniracetam, it is possible. This “smart drug” is designed to help improve memory, alertness, concentration, and attention span. It is a popular memory enhancer among students and individuals who pull long or double work shifts. Before you decide to take Aniracetam for yourself, you should learn more about what the product is and how it affects your brain function.

What is Aniracetam?

d33Aniracetam is a pharmaceutical product created by Roche. It affects the central nervous system and stimulates the learning process as well as memory function. It is an amino acid that is promoted as a natural way to improve cognitive functions. Here is how cognitive function is defined (otherwise known as cognition). Studies have shown that this drug can help to also stimulate the function of neuronal receptors by means of glutamic acid. This puts memorization processes in motion and the healthy production of metabolic receptors. Other studies have shown that certain therapeutic activities can have an affect on these cognitive functions. Long and short term memory improved in those who took the medication, and many saw improvement in reasoning, concentration, and absent mindedness. I found the following to have a lot of helpful information and to generally be a good resource for aniracetam.

Is Aniracetam Only Good for Memory and Focus?

While it may be known for improving test scores and enhancing memory, Aniracetam is also being used in patients who have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and Cerebral Infarction. It has been shown to help reduce anxiety, depression, and a variety of sleep disorders. The drug can improve vigilance and is very effective in treatment for post-stroke depression.

How Much Aniracetam Should I Take?

The recommended dosage for most people who take Aniracetam is typically 1500 mg each day. It is usually taken in two doses of 750 mg, one in the morning, and one later in the afternoon. It is available in tablet and powder form, with tablets being 750 mg each. Since it can assist with various disorders, it is difficult to determine how effective Aniracetam would be for an individual without plenty of research performed first. The dosage and time frame for the medication would depend on the personal needs and condition of each patient.

The interest in “smart drugs” has grown over the years, contributing to the popularity of aniracetam. And with more research showing positive results in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease patients, we are sure to hear a lot more about this cognitive enhancing drug in the years to come.


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Pills Which Can Prevent Memory Loss

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When a person is facing Alzheimer’s or dementia, which is the very common disease found in elderly patients and also sometimes in young people, the most common cause is the inefficient blood supply to the brain which leads to the reduction in the power of neurotransmitters which ultimately leads to lower alertness and memory loss. There is however no need to worry now as there are many pills available in the market of high value in terms of effectiveness to prevent memory loss.

The most common drugs

d9The most common drugs available are Oxiceratem, Aniceratem, and Piracetam which are FDA approved and are found to induce and stimulate the brain to work better and prevent memory loss from taking place. Some drugs which are highly soluble give instant results of improved memory and focus with the dosages in minimum quantities. The best part is that unlike other stimulants, these are nootropic drugs which are non-addictive and also have zero or little side effects. The Piracetam drugs are found to be stronger when it comes to memory enhancement along with cognitive abilities enrichment. Most of these drugs are also very affordable. There are some very expensive drugs available in the market like Adderall to fight diseases like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. However, these are found to be addictive and also are not free from side effects; hence it is better to use natural over the counter products like the ones mentioned above.

The magical effects of the pills in the brain

When the drugs like Oxiracetam are consumed, it increases the protein kinase C in the brain membrane which is the potential booster of the logical and the memory cells activator. The dosages from 70 mg- 2400 mg is advised by the doctors of any of these drugs depending on the severity of the disease and the pills are mostly to be consumed after meals for higher effectiveness.

Memory augmentation and more

When the drugs like Piracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam are capable of treating aging which is the root cause of all these oncoming diseases like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) Narcolepsy, and Dementia, it is the perfect idea for the people to start with minimum dosages of the same right at an early stage to prevent memory loss. The neurotransmitters called acetylcholine receptors govern the memory process in the brain. These neurotransmitters sensitivity gets a boost with these drugs. Hence, the learning also improves. The benefits of these drugs are not limited to just the recollection augmentation in the short term but it also helps to improve the verbal communication and memory among students. Piracetam for example helps in increasing the memory of words and also alleviates language impairments during the verbal communication. The people are more relaxed and more often elated and do not undergo any depressing moments or drug related mood swings with these. Even alcoholic people with impaired visual memory can be treated for the alcoholism habit reduction. The cognitive abilities are impacted when there is a blood barrier especially when the blood vessels are choked in patients suffering from strokes, hypertension, and these cerebrovascular diseases are well treated for higher brain functioning and resultant memory boost with these pills.

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